Universal Management Suite (UMS%) is IGel’s central management application.  Combining a huge set of protocols, clients features, and continuous development to provide future proof, secure, and fast management of extensive thin client devices across large and small networks.

The IGel thin client Strategy of Zero clients and Universal Desktop offers you the widest possible range of connectivity options at an optimal price-performance ratio, and a broad spectrum of user cases.

 IGel’s Universal Desktop Converter 2 (UDC2) software thin client brings thin client computing to old a depreciated PC’s, laptop and third party thin client hardware by turning the hardware into a powerful software-based thin client.  Users have access to SBC applications, VDI and cloud computing services.  The UDC2 converted devices are centrally managed by the UMS.

Unified Management Agent (UMA) for Windows 7 devices enables the management of Windows 7 device as if it was a thin client, so it’s easier to deploy profiles, rollout devices, manage and control user access through our Universal Management Suite.  Now UMA managed devices can fit seamlessly into the IGEL solution portfolio – whether they are thin clients, notebooks or workstations.

With the IGEL Management Interface (IMI), the IGel Universal Management Suite can connect via a standard REST API to existing enterprise management systems (such as Microsoft SCC or IBM Tivoli).  IMI provides the interface for REST-compatible programming languages to connect autonomous systems together.  So the management of IGel Clients ca take place form the Enterprise Management system or through additional company-specific scripts or programs, in conjunction with the Universal Management Suite