R-Com have a focused approach to providing solutions involving server and storage that leverages our understanding and expertise within virtualisation and apply it to providing improved performance and efficiency for our clients Datacentre environment.

From a server compute perspective, R-Com recommend using market leading server technology. R-Com’s have a great deal of experience configuring hosts for virtual workloads and we can provide the most effective host solution both from a cost and performance perspective. R-Com’s in-house certified technical consultants can happily assist you with any configuration requirement no matter the size of your deployment.


When planning for storage, R-Com recognize that an ever increasing gap is growing between storage demand and IT budgets. IT budgets remain static or shrink over time whilst storage requirements balloon. R-Com have invested in technological alliances with key IT vendors that focus on optimizing storage for the virtual data centre. Our approach involves consulting with both IT and the business stakeholders to understand the demands of storage and then work with our clients to recommend the right technology for the job.


No matter the requirement, R-Com will provide a dedicated team of solution experts to help you plan for a technology strategy to meet the demands of any IT project and give you both the tools and expertise to deliver a complete solution to the business.