Microsoft Office 365

Run your business with ease with Office 365. Get work done anytime, anywhere.

Collaborating across a company, across projects and across a supply chain is a major area for innovation for all organisations.

  • Helps to deliver customer service
  • Helps to drive efficiency
  • Helps to grow your business



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Back-Up as a Service – BaaS

Quick & Secure Backup with Dedicated Repository

In today’s IT market, data is important and critical for business and backing up data is even more crucial in today’s digital world.  The challenge for most is to find an offsite backup location for virtual infrastructure, which can be time consuming and costly.

Cloud Connect by Veeam is designed to offer a quickly provisioned offsite backup at a fraction of the cost implementing a physical data recovery site.  Veeam Availablity Suite v8 software, allows you to back up your data in a remote, dedicated cloud repository accessed via sercure SSL connection and our Cloud gateway

Veeam Cloud Connect helps eliminate upfront capital expenditure for equipment and reduces offsite data centre costs (including space, power, network and equipment).

R-Com with Veeam can deliver a powerful and reliable solution to help in the prevention of data loss.

Benefits of Cloud Connect:

  • Hosted offsite backup – get your backups offsite into a hosted Cloud repository through an encrypted SSL connection with no additional Veeam licensing required.
  • End-to-end encryption – rest easy by encrypting all data at the source (before it leaves your network perimeter), in flight and
    rest, without negatively impacting the data reduction ratios of built-in compression and WAN Aceleration.
  • Full visibility and control – access and recover data in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console and track cloud repository consumption so there are surprises with storage renewals.
  • Virtual backup architecture – leverage Veeam’s modern backup technology, including Backup copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and more.
  • Easy to uses Cloud Connect integrates with your copy of Veeam Availability Suite v8, simply choose the R-Com target for your backup or backup copy jobs.
  • Compliance – Fully compliant with governmentdata protection guidelines


Disaster Recovery as a Service – DraaS

For rapid cloud automation and flexibility, with solid DR assurance

If you need to consider a cost-effective solution for the data protection of all your production applications then think no further than DRaaS

DRaaS, removes the need for additional and expensive datacentres from your network and allows you to benefit from cloud automation and the flexibility it provides – whilst maintaining solid Disaster Recovery (DR) assurance.

Until recently, cloud-based disaster recovery had been limited to the recovery of backup and reduction of the recovery point, due to time constraints and high costs which act as prohibitors to a more complex proposition – not today.

R-Com can replicate organisations production environment in Hybrid or Virtual Private Cloud by the means of a scalable, continuous replication, providing a recovery point and time in seconds (bandwith dependant).

Additionally, the regular bi-annual weekends of pre-planned DR tests are no longer required.  Testin and validation can be completed at any time without disruption via a R-Com portal interface, providing a recovery (or test of recovery) at a simple click of a button.


Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

A hassle free and agile Cloud solution

Why try to predict your IT requirements and be restricted by your budget?  Remove the burden of new purchase requirements – new servers, additional software licenses, new network equipment or predicting your datacentre storage requirements – R-Com can provide all your infrastructure requirements as a service and bill you accordingly.

At R-Com we have designed and built the best cloud datacentre with today’s cutting-edge technology.  Our software defined datacentre provides extremely high degrees of resilience, performance improvements and agility and our applied expertise provides a simple and easy to use service.

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides a flexible and scalable slice of our cloud.  Our dedicated virtual datacentre takes advantage of our cloud resilience and performance, virtual cloud (vCloud) security and a segmentation layer, to ensure each and every customer has their own Virtual Private Datacentre.  Each Virtual Datacentre has its own dedicated compute power, storage and firewall capabilities.  Our customers have full control of their own virtual servicers within their virtual private datacentre, so their networking and storage can remain the same as their own organisations system.