Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure represents a new level of thinking about how IT organisations are approaching hardware. By switching away from an a la carte approach to a condensed single server design with a web-based single managed interface, IT organisations are able to increase flexibility and efficiency whilst lowering costs.

This is a rapidly growing market space with plenty of offerings, all proclaiming to have the most advanced solution and the most feature rich capabilities at the lowest cost. R-Com are constantly evaluating the market, reviewing and comparing all offerings looking for the best solution for your business.

At the core of each offering is a powerful hyper-converged solution that offers a stable, fully scalable platform from which R-Com build out cost-effective solutions that empower and enable your business. These environments are architected and validated to deliver the hosted IT solutions without impact or risk to your business.

R-Com’s solutions cover:
· Infrastructure Virtualisation
· Desktop Virtualisation
· Backup
· Business Continuity
· Monitoring and Optimisation
· Security